Band history


Borax (Erik Morna) 1996

The history of Borax started in september 1994, when the present line-up of the band- Janek Murd, the guitar, Leslie Laasner bass and the vocal; Marek Murd, the drums- began working on their first cassette only mini album “Aurora Borealis”.

The 2/3 of group studied at Tallinn Art University at that time. The rehearsals took place in the shooting gallery, which comprised a concrete extension, built on the roof of the University building. The bands working there, named it HEVEN. No underground then.

Borax didn’t want to classify themselves under any musical style from start. They took an open and searching attitude towards their creative work. The material of “Aurora Borealis” is varied and eclectic, still bound by the special fluid of Borax. That must be right place to mention that the first mini album was purely hand made. The tapes were recorded one by one, every cassette had a handmade case and hand printed sleeve.

The album was welcomed by the local music press. Here are some samples. // Nothing as stylized and as (alternative) rocking has ever been issued by Miss E(stonian) M(usic) Industry. The grating surf and almost decently tuneful obs-Cure-antism doesn’t become painfully transparent even in a bit of nostalgic “The Moth”. Also the odd “Forgive Me”, which gives enough material for crosswords trying to classify it, if one has nothing to do in the evening // (Eesti Ekspress) // Borax is capable of finding the perfectly exciting chord at the most painful moment and The black-white, sharply grainy pictures of Borax reminded me of movies from those times, when the happy endings were not yet obligatory. // (Kuum)

“Aurora Borealis” biggest hits were completely reconstructed and re- recorded in April 1995, when Borax recorded the follow up EP “Ballistic”, consisting of 4 original new compositions and 2 remix-cum-cover-versions by fellow dance musicians, was labeled “heven-pop” and “atmospheric” in the local press and spawned a considerably huge mainstream radio hit “Merry-Go-Round”. The spring/summer of ‘95 saw Borax -already known for their strong live presence-entertaining crowds up to 1200.

No sellout though. Borax never went as far as getting tied up in the local showbiz circle. Still self-financed, they escaped to their native North-East-Estonia to write and rehearse what would be the first full lenght album. “C” was released late december ‘95 and introduced more melody over the grainy, almost retro soundscapes courtesy of some seventies eastern bloc synths.

Still as powerful and dynamic as ever, the concert incarnation of the band was last seen thrilling a bunch of besuited have-no-clues at an Arts University fashion show afterparty. Apparently not too bizarre of a situation for Borax, it seems, so you never know where you might encounter them. That is, if you haven’t already joined the club…